“About Chimney Repair and Masonry”

How To Get An Excellent Chimney Repair that will look like the original condition.
Andy May will make every effort to get your chimney the nicest match possible.
Andy May Masonry is a Professional Masonry Company.   Andy May 703-591-6755
Call us by “The End Of This Month“ and get FREE Creosote Cleaner with any service *Home Owners Only*        
Chimney repair  by  Andy May Chimney  Repair  Services Northern Virginia and areas nearby. For the top Metro Washington   chimney
repair Company call the experts that always get your chimney fixed right in the D.C. AREA!
Andy May Masonry is your best choice for proper care to match the new brick to your home.
We will search your brick for a good match because we use leading manufactures to find the perfect match (When most companies just
use word of mouth from over priced advertisement).
Andy deals directly with major leading brick manufactures including;   
      L.C.Smith, Glen-Gery, Potomac Vally Brick,
      General Shale, and Sislers Stone but not limited.
This guarantees you one of a kind * chimney repair * a job that will last for years to come. Within the past 25 years there  has  been  
many  many changes  in brick style's  textures  and size,  and  all of these things are  taken  seriously when choosing a good match for
your job.
A good Chimney Repair Gives Peace Of Mind knowing chimney is safe and will pass home inspections !”
Reason We Guarantee Your Chimney Repair To Be A Very Good Match”.
 Using most recent Color Charts For The nearest Mortar Match,
 Working With 15-40 Masonry Supply-yards For The Closest Brick Match,
 Taking time to  match  Size, Texture, And Color,
√  Taking Samples  Brick and Stone,
√  Bring 3-4 Brick or Stone Samples for your inspection in so needed,
√  Remember we are NOT SWEEPS because you will need a Mason to get the best service , you will need for your a good fix.
One Phone Call And You've Got An Experienced Masonry Company Ready for your needs.
Andy May  703-591-6755
For your Chimney repair, Andy May chimney repair is the expert for Northern Virginia and nearby areas.
Andy May Masonry monthly stays current with the most updated masonry standards and practices and will use only experienced    
masons that get your job done right.
We have only two crews supervised by  Andy May,  for the last 25 years we had referrals from satisfied home owners.  We will not start
another job while working on your project.

"This  is  Your  Best Way  to Go  for  your  Masonry  Repair."

*Chimney Repair        *Chimney Inspection                          *Chimney And Brick Maintenance
*Stoop Step Repair   *Concrete New / Repair                   *Chimney Cement Crown
*Stone and Brick         *Masonry Waterproofing                    *Tuckpointing

Repair And Matching Mortar is Andy's speciality  (Andy does not use  subs for contractors). Andy  mixes his  own  mortar  colors.
The  Masonry repairs for  your  home leaves  no noticeable areas  where your  repairs have been done.
You won't see mismatched material, discolored mortar as we will search for the closest match. Our crew will carefully blend the new
brick with the original material and naturally color the joints for  nice tones to your home as Andy will work to find that very good
match for your masonry project.

Thank You, Andy May Masonry
Andy May   703-591-6755
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